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We are continuing to support local needs in the U.S. with organizations such as The Salvation Army, Women of Hope, and other local and National groups.  Also, internationally, projects are being planned and implemented in partnership with:

  • Voice of Women Organization
  • The Massoud Foundation
  • Tashirat
  • The Rotary
  • The Jesuit Order
  • The Sisters of Adoration
  • Onna, Italy Community Association
  • And Others

  • Complete 6 water projects in Herat Province.  Each will provide clean, safe water to many thousands of people.
  • In Partnership with Voice of Women Organization:
  • Continue support of existing programs;
  • Help create an additional safe shelter for women;
  • Provide support for the Women with Drug Addiction Project, the first of its kind in Western Afghanistan.

  • Complete a project in Kitui, Kenya designed to organize a community produced farming program by installing a water well and drip irrigation system.  It will involve organizing 25 villages to establish community farming for food sustenance and sustainability.
  • Finalizing a project in Eldoret, Kenya involving the completion and installation of a water well needed by the Sisters of Adoration Order, who care for street children.

  • Continue to help fund and support the daily school food program.
  • Plan, fund and oversee the installation of water catchments for the school buildings.  This will allow the water to be made available daily for the school children, and permit the building of showers at the school for hygiene purposes.
  • Organize and help implement a Special Education Program at the school.

  • Continue to work with partners, both at home and around the world, to be aware of, and react to, the immediate unexpected needs of those requiring assistance.  Be it hurricane, earthquake, or famine, Traveling Mercies wants to help in any way it can.  The work we do is meant to ease the suffering and enrich the lives of those we meet.