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Our organization is dedicated to helping others, while creating a vehicle to remove barriers between cultures so that individuals can share their strengths, assets and blessings with each other. If you wish to help, we welcome your generosity.

You can contribute as your ability to do so allows and direct it to where your heart guides you.  We will honor your contribution and pass your gift directly to the people in need. Traveling Mercies has no paid staff and assures you that 100% of your donation will be used to help others less fortunate. 

Donations to Traveling Mercies can be made in several ways. Our preferred method is to mail a check to:

Traveling Mercies
707 Smithville Road
Lumberton, NJ  08048


To donate via credit card or directly from your bank account, you can click the secure Pay Pal button below to donate online.  Please provide your name and address so that we may send a receipt acknowledging your generous support of our efforts.

Thank you for the time and consideration of these important issues and needs.

To view the May, 2009 donation letter, click here.